Automated Guided Vehicle - AGV
Automation in high-transshipment areas

Logistics is becoming ever more complex, the turnover rate in the world’s ports is increasing and the portside areas continue to expand. These are trends that will prevail in the coming years. That is why it is important to optimize the processes and to do this at more than one level. At the majority of ports, the transporting of containers is carried out by manned vehicles. If these vehicles are automated, not only will the human safety risk associated with the loading processes be reduced but the operating costs will also be lowered. By means of fleet management and navigation software, the AGVs could transport containers from the quay (ship to shore crane) to the embark point (handover to the RTG) and back. Here, many diesel-electric-drive solutions come into use. REFUdrive, however, also offers a battery-electric solution with all related benefits.

Functional description

The diesel engine runs the generator, with an inverter connected behind it, so that the drive components such as traction drive and hydraulic pumps can be supplied via a regulated intermediate DC link. As a result, the generator operates at optimum charge. In battery-electric mode the diesel engine and generator are totally switched off. The batteries used for energy supply are easy to change and turn the product into a zero-emission solution. In both diesel-electric and battery-electric modes, controlling the AGVs takes place using the customer’s PLC. Using the existing infrastructure the AGV's can be coordinated easily and safely from the port terminal. This control system is supplemented by REFUlink. The cross-communication distributes the regulating tasks among the individual inverters independent of the PLC, resulting in the efficient energy management of the system.


Power electronics from REFU

  • 2 RPCS 620 inverters with 75 kW each for the drive axles
  • 2 RPCS 620 inverter for the hydraulic pump
  • 1 RPCS 620 inverter for the on-board power system so that external devices can be supplied from the 400V network
  • REFUlink,cross communication for fast control functions between the inverters for synchronizing, for instance,speed, load distribution and energy management

Optional for diesel-electric operation: 1 RPCS 620 generator inverter

Optional: CANopen for communicating with the vehicle control system

Supplemented by customer with

  • Motors (synchronous generator, asynchronous motor, sensor-equipped operation (torque at zero speed, reverse rolling lock))
  • Control system (PLC or PC with bus system)