The REFUdrive Battery System
Energy just the way you need it.

Since electric and hybrid vehicles require battery systems ideally matched and adapted to the respective requirements, REFUdrive developed a modular battery system that can be perfectly configured to your system needs. Together with the REFUdrive power electronic components, optimum solutions for high-performance electric mobility can be created that withstand even harsh environmental conditions through robust mechanical integration. The entire battery is thermally conditioned by air, liquid or an optional auxiliary heater.

The benchmark of battery systems

The REFUdrive battery system is based on standard modules, which allow the battery voltage and the energy content of the system to be freely scaled. This means that the battery trays can also be used for modular expansion. The required performance is taken into account by selecting different battery cells.

The REFUdrive solution guarantees you the best possible coordination between the components, energy management system and continuous diagnostics. It is specifically designed for mobile applications and can even be integrated into closed systems. The battery systems are based on LiFePO batteries, which are available in the versions Universal for batteries with high energy content and High Power for batteries with high discharge currents for dynamic processes, fast braking and recuperation. They ensure any serial and parallel connection as well as flexible packaging and plug-in contacting.
REFUdrive battery charging systems are also available in all performance classes.

Your advantages in brief

  • 100% customer specific
  • Scalable
  • Usable in all conditions
  • Energy exchange between all drive units with intermediate  storage systems
  • Use of recuperated energy, storage of energy from renewable sources
  • Delivers maximum performance – peak shaving possible
  • Enables diesel motor downsizing

Important data at a glance

  Universal High Power
Cell capacity (Ah) 20 8
Nominal cell voltage (V) 3,2 3,2
Rated voltage(V) 24...153 38...230
Capacity (kWh) 3.0 1.8
Service life (Cycles 100% DoD) 4,000 3,000

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