Battery charging station AFE 220
Keep things moving.

Along with the electrification of commercial vehicles and mobile machines, an increasing demand for charging devices arises in order to keep the vehicles operational. REFUdrive is aware of these requirements and now offers a rapid charging system for high-voltage batteries.

The wide voltage range from 650-830 V makes the AFE 220 compatible for several Li-ion battery types and it delivers a charging power of up to 220kW. The water cooled sytem is very compact and delivers an efficiency of over 97%.

Adapts to your requirements.

The AFE 220 is a regulated DC voltage source with operating modes of current regulation, voltage regulation and power control. It is also equipped with a CANopen interface.

The technology is available as a plug-and-play system in IP68 for outdoor use, as well as in a cabinet for indoor applications. If required, the different components (inverter, chokes und filters) can be delivered as a set for integration in a cabinet provided by the customer.

It is designed for conductive charging and can be used in different applications such as in ports, mining as well as for the supply of an inductive charging system for commercial vehicles and ships.

Your advantages in brief

  • Ideal for large battery capacities or fast charging processes
  • For industrial applications
  • As cabinet or IP 68 housing for rough environmental conditions

Important data at a glance

IP 68 housing Cabinet/Components
Input voltage (V AC) IT/TN 3~ 400 V IT/TN 3~ 400 V
Input current (A) 350 350
Output voltage (V DC) 670...785 650...830
Nominal power (kW) 220 220

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