The REFUdrive SuperCap storage system
Lots of possibilities.

The highly dynamic SuperCap storage system consisting of the SuperCap storage module and bidirectional DC-DC converter including balancing allows you to have a wide range of application options. Whenever you want to store lifting, braking or pivoting energy temporarily and retrieve it again at maximum power, the REFUdrive SuperCap storage system is the perfect solution. The extremely high number of cycles and resulting long lifetime with simultaneously high dynamics make the system the ideal addition, even to existing drive systems.Whether part of the original equipment or a retrofit – the REFUdrive SuperCap storage system is a sustainable solution to help you reduce fuel consumption, noise and exhaust gas emissions in your applications.

Energy when you need it

The storage of energy in battery systems during the low-load phases allows a buffer to be built up, which can be used in peak-load phases. This method is known as "peak shaving". Peak shaving makes it possible for you to scale your diesel engines for mid-range output and reduce their size accordingly. This means that you can achieve cost savings both in terms of investments and maintenance. For applications in systems with grid connections, using a SuperCap storage system can reduce the network connection output, as well as the size of the network connection components and supply lines.



Your advantages in brief

  • Suitable for a wide range of applications
  • Recuperation of lifting and braking energy
  • Reduction of noise and exhaust emissions
  • Reduction of fuel consumption
  • Extremely high number of cycles
  • Temperature robustness
  • Retrofittable in existing drive systems
  • Adaptable to DC circuits of all common drive systems

Most important data at a glance

Storage medium Double-layer capacitor
Storage capacity (F) 25.5
Power output (kW) 120/30 sec.
DC input voltage (V) 525 ... 1,050
DC control voltage (V) 24

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