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REFU solar solutions are represented worldwide. Projects already completed in countries such as Colombia, Korea, French Guyana or Saudi Arabia speak for themselves. Focused on large and commercial plants, we are well versed with project scopes of all scales - we have the right solution for your solar plant right from 10kW up to 100MW and beyond. We also offer you the advantage of worldwide operational readiness with products capable to operate in the harshest conditions such as the coldness of Canada and the warmth of Africa. Certified to the local market regulations our products are the right fit for your power plant around the world. Find our certificates here.

On request, we can assist you with your project right from design and quotation preparation until delivery and commissioning.

Help build the solid foundation for the future generation.


Our experience defines us.

We have been developing and selling solar inverters for over twenty years and have more than 250,000 inverters installed worldwide. The REFUsol inverters stand for innovation, quality and reliability. Our portfolio of string inverters offer maximum simplicity and flexibility in all project phases. Whether centralized or decentralized systems we have a solution for you and offer you support right from design through planning, commissioning and even during operation. We and our string inverters offer simple advantages such as string level monitoring during operation, maintenance free service and simple replacements in case of failures.

String inverter REFUsol 100K
Maximized in every aspect

  • Highly flexible design
  • Maximum power density
  • Best serviceability
  • Minimized BOS costs


With maximum power density, REFU’s next generation inverter family combines compatibility, installation flexibility,  serviceability and connectivity in a revolutionary design.

Use as desired, maximum ROI

Regardless of whether you plan the inverters in centralized or decentralized fashion, the REFUsol 100K is optimized for both variants. The roomy ConnectionBox is available with either fused direct string connections for decentralized designs or with a single DC input for centralized designs.

The ConnectionBox and the PowerUnit can be delivered independently of each other in separate shipments. The ConnectionBox is first installed and wired, while the PowerUnit is added shortly before commissioning. This optimizes your finances since the investment can be distributed and minimizes risks.

Global use, full control

The REFUsol 100K can be connected to any mains voltage between 380 and 460 VAC and offers maximum power between 83 and 100 kVA. All technical data for the different AC output voltages can be found in our technical data sheet.

The inverter can be commissioned via various means including our new REFU App (available for iOS and Android), which connects to the inverter via Bluetooth®. The integrated, fail-safe Ethernet daisy chain (alternatively RS485) enables cost-effective high-speed monitoring without special accessories. Each inverter can be connected to REFUlog for professional remote monitoring, configuration and firmware updates.

Important data at a glance

REFUsol 83K (380VAC) REFUsol 88K (400VAC) REFUsol 92K (415VAC) REFUsol 98K (440VAC) REFUsol 100K (460VAC)
Max. DC voltage (V) 1,100 1,100 1,100 1,100 1,100
MPPT range at nominal power (V) 555...900 585...900 640...900 640...900 695...900
AC nominal power (kW) 83.3 88 92 97.5 100
AC nominal voltage (V) 380 400 415 440 460

Looking for technical data?

In our you will find all technical data, certificates and operating instructions for our devices

Do you need support to design your solar plant?

Use our REFUdesign planning tool to plan your plants fast and efficiently.


Actions speak louder than words.

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Matching software
Of course also from REFU

No hardware without software - this also applies to our solar inverters. From planning to monitoring, we accompany you through the complete life cycle of your plant with the help of various tools. Simple operation guaranteed.

REFUdesign planning tool: Well planned right from the start

Besides the sale of REFUsol inverters, we also support you within your project. Whether it is an idea or its implementation you can rely on REFU to support you. The planning software REFUdesign additionally helps you online with system planning with automatic device selection, yield simulation and energy balance - if desired also with storage and self consumption considerations for your system.

Check out the introduction for REFUdesign here.

REFUlog: All plants at a glance with cloud-based monitoring

  • Easy installation
  • User-friendly analysis
  • Secure data logging


It is a reassuring feeling to be able to see, whenever and wherever you are, how the yields of your own PV system are developing. The online monitoring solution REFUlog allows you to keep an eye on the data of your system irrespective of where you are. Each REFUsol inverter has an integrated data logger and can be connected to a local network or the Internet quickly and easily via plug&play. This allows you to access information about the productivity of your system at any time.

By the way: the REFUlog app allows you to access all the data on your smartphone or tablet.

Always 'up to date' in the field

If there has been a new firmware since the time of delivery, we always recommend updating it accordingly. You can download our tool REFUset and install the latest firmware. What sounds complicated at first becomes child's play with our instructions.