Our experience defines us.

We have been developing and selling solar inverters for over twenty years and have more than 250,000 inverters installed worldwide. The REFUsol inverters stand for innovation, quality and reliability. Our portfolio of string inverters offer maximum simplicity and flexibility in all project phases. Whether centralized or decentralized systems we have a solution for you and offer you support right from design through planning, commissioning and even during operation. We and our string inverters offer simple advantages such as string level monitoring during operation, maintenance free service and simple replacements in case of failures.

Small plant or solar park - you determine the scope

Regardless of the size of installation,  country of installation and system configuration - REFU solar inverters always deliver reliable yields for our customers. Our products are based on the strictest German quality principles and work effortlessly in all site configurations. The products are simply "Fit and Forget" and deliver the highest output reliably and accurately.