Containerized solution REFUcube
No Either/Or

  •  Reduced costs and risk
  •  Easy installation thanks to plug & play preparation
  •  Reduced maintenance


Up to now, solar plant designers had to always decide between central and string (i.e. distributed) inverter solutions and accept the respective disadvantages of the chosen solution. The REFUcube now combines both solutions – by integrating string inverters with transformers, MV and LV switchgears into a container. The resulting compact plug&play solution is available in different power classes from 1-3 MW and combines the best of centralized and decentralized plant designs while diminishing the negative aspects of each system.

Simple Installation, reduced costs

The REFUcube is delivered on site as a pre-wired container. All cabling inside the container such as DC cabling from DC distribution panel to inverter, AC cabling from inverter to AC switchgear and data communication are already installed. The container can be transported and handled with the ease thanks to the standardised ISO container setting along with low weight and compact design. The REFU CombinerBoxes are positioned close to the solar panels and thereby allowing short PV string cables and only one cable pair (+/–) from each DC CombinerBox to the container. Thanks to the centralized concept cold and hot commissioning activities are significantly reduced in duration.

The REFUcube ensures an optimal compatibility of all components in the system and is conceptualized as a plug & play solution. The integration of string inverters allows on the one hand an easy replacement in case of problems, while on the other hand guaranteeing a continuous operation of the remaining inverters. Therefore the overall system availability will be close to 100%.

The design and easy installation of the REFUcube provides several areas of cost savings: the reduction of cabling, minimized set-up and installation effort as well as reduction of commissioning costs.

Important data at a glance

1 MW 1.6 MW 2 MW 3 MW
Number of string inverters REFUsol 46K 22 35 44 66
Max recommended PV power (kWp) 1,500 2,400 3,000 4,000
Max. DC voltage 1,000 1,000 1,000 1,000
AC Nominal power LV (kVA) 1,012 1,610 2,024 3,036
Nominal voltage AC LV (V) 460 460 460 460
Nominal voltage AC MV (kV) 10...33 10...33 10...33 10...33

The concept at a glance

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