REFUone 3K...7K-2T
Single phase string inverters for use at home.

  • Precise dual MPPT tracking
  • Natural convection cooling
  • Intelligent grid management


With their low voltage ranges, the single-phase string inverters in the performance classes 3 to 7.5 kW are particularly suitable for small systems. They comply with all requirements for IP 65 protection – their hous-ing provides reliable protection from dust and water and therefore allows installation in the open without any problem.

More information about the REFUone 3K...7K-2T can be found here:



Operating Manual Inverter EN

Operating Manual Wifi-Stick EN


CE Declaration

Certificate VDE-0126


Firmware REFUone 3...5K-2T_V1.40

Firmware REFUone 7K-2T_V1.30


OND files REFUone


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