Are you ready for the energy transition?

Creating new perspectives - this demand is increasingly being addressed, and companies are committed to the goal of gaining distance from the conventional energy industry. We too would like to make our contribution to producing clean electricity in order to reduce environmental pollution to a minimum. This idea forms the basis for REFUsol: solar solutions characterized by durability, reliability and sustainability.

In addition to environmentally friendly systems, the focus is also on technology that enables users to achieve higher yields, reduce costs and thus optimize their own energy footprint.



Our components for worldwide us.

REFU solar solutions are represented worldwide. Projects already completed in countries such as Colombia, Korea, French Guyana or Saudi Arabia speak for themselves. Focused on large and commercial plants, we are well versed with project scopes of all scales - we have the right solution for your solar plant right from 10kW up to 100MW and beyond. We also offer you the advantage of worldwide operational readiness with products capable to operate in the harshest conditions such as the coldness of Canada and the warmth of Africa. Certified to the local market regulations our products are the right fit for your power plant around the world. Find our certificates here.

On request, we can assist you with your project right from design and quotation preparation until delivery and commissioning.

Help build the solid foundation for the future generation.