REFUstore 88K
The next generation of bidirectional high power battery inverters


  • Drastic reduction in BOS costs
  • One PowerUnit - unlimited applications
  • Maximum power density
  • Easy serviceability

The REFUstore 88K is based on the new inverter platform from REFU. It is applicable for different voltages. With a rated power of 88 kW at 400V, it is perfectly suited for commercial behind-the-meter applications such as self-consumption optimization or peak-shavingg, at a nominal voltage of 180V and 40kVA nominal power it can be easily used for Second-Life applications.

Flexible integration, maximum freedom in planning

Thanks to AC-coupling, the REFUstore 88K can be easily integrated with existing PV systems. The highly modular solution allows it to be used in systems from 88 kW up to MWs in size to meet the demands of both energy and power applications.

This inverter is specifically designed for all high voltage batteries and, allows different communication protocols like open Sunspec MESA. The higher flexibility in system design reduces BOS costs drastically.

Different configurations, maximum of applications

The REFUstore 88K is available in several configurations. Whether as a basic variant only with DC and AC fuses or fully equipped with fuses, switches, SPD's and pre-charge circuit, your application defines the features of the device. The REFUstore 88K's design is focused on the BOS cost optimization and maximum flexibility for use in various applications.


Basic Variant


– DC connection: Bolt Al/Cu (50 … 120 mm2)
– AC Terminal: Bolt Al/Cu (50 … 120 mm2)

Advanced Variant


– DC connection: Bolt Al/Cu (50 … 120 mm2)
– AC Terminal: Bolt Al/Cu (50 … 120 mm2)
– DC fuses
– AC fuses
– DC switch
– DC pre-charge circuit
– AC switch
– AC SPD type 2 / Type 1&2

Important data at a glance

REFUstore 88K (400 VAC) REFUstore 83K (380 VAC) REFUstore 50K (380 VAC) REFUstore 40K (180 VAC)
Max. DC voltage (V) 1,000 1,000 1,000 1,000
DC voltage range at nominal power (V) 585...900 555...900 555...900 280...900
AC nominal power (kVA) 88 83,3 50 40
AC voltage (V) 400 380 380 180
AC voltage range (V) +/- 20 % +/- 20 % +/- 20 % +/- 20 %
Max. efficiency (%) 98.4 98.3 98.3 98.6

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