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When it comes to storage solutions, REFU  provides you with the full support required right from engineering until commissioning - regardless of application. We advise you regarding the appropriate concept for your application and then put it into practice together with you.

Get the energy you need.

Your project, our solution

Do you already have a specific storage project or do you need support in developing an individual storage concept? We would be happy to work with you on the best possible solution for your requirements.

Please contact us directly - we look forward to our mutual cooperation. The easiest way for us to provide a quick, accurate and targeted reponse is by receiving the details of your project filled in our brief project questionnaire.We will work on your needs with top priority and revert to you in the next days.

Have a look at our proven installation base.

500 kW / 600 kWh

  • Operator: Research company (association of power supply companies and network operators)
  • Li-ion (LFP)
  • Distribution grid management
  • Reduction of single-phase peak loads (phase unbalances)
  • Reactive power supply for voltage maintenance

100 kW / 140 kWh

  • Operator: municipal utility
  • Li-ion
  • In combination with PV (46.8 kWp)
  • Self-consumption optimization
  • Avoidance of PV control losses

2.4 MW / 2.8 MWh

  • Operator: Energy supply company
  • Li-ion
  • Second Life
  • Frequency regulation

100 kW / 268 kWh

  • Operator: Business enterprise
  • Lead (OPzV)
  • Reduction of peak loads

140 kW / 700 kWh

  • Operator: Cement factory
  • Li-ion (NMC)
  • Electrified commercial vehicle
  • Charge management
  • Regeneration of surpluses into the grid

100 kW / 480 kWh

  • Operator: shipping company / Municipal Utility
  • Li-ion (LFP)
  • Electrified Ship
  • In combination with PV (34 kWp)
  • Regeneration of surpluses into the grid
  • Reduction of peak loads in the grid